• To expose children to a variety of cultural expressions in the classical Spanish arts.
  • To serve as a vehicle for creativity, discovery and expression.
  • To make connections between the classical Spanish arts and modern life in NYC.


Founded in 2018, Hispanic Culture Arts is an arts education organization that provides curriculum focused on the classical music and dance of Spain and Latin America. Current clients include New York City Public Schools, museums and cultural centers. Building on a 10-year collaboration as performing artists and art educators in the Hispanic Classical Arts, Mezzo soprano, Anna Tonna, and Classical Spanish dance artist, Anna de la Paz are active performers, teachers and recordings artists in the United States and Spain, showcasing classical music, dance and history of Spain and Latin America, from colonial era to the present. As performing artists they have been featured by festivals, foundations and universities as performers and scholars in the United States and abroad. Anna de la Paz and Anna Tonna participated in training programs to become teaching artists through the auspices of programs at City Center and Lincoln Center respectively. Individually and collectively, they have designed and implemented numerous programs aimed to help students find their passions and explore their creative selves.


  • Our comprehensive programs, for students of all abilities, include all of the classical Spanish arts – including theater, visual arts, fashion, music and dance.
  • Our curriculum builds social skills and provides a tangible impact in the ability to focus, improve classroom behavior as well as self confidence and team building skills.
  • Students integrate the skills they have learned, including but not limited to the performing arts, foreign language, social studies and geography through the multicultural content of our curriculum.


  • Traditions are what bind us to our past and are our connection to our present-day experiences. Looking back in time to other places and cultures, our students discover commonalities between self and art.
  • Students gain a better understanding of themselves and their communities through the understanding of others. Cultural expressions may be different, but the stories and motivations are universal. Our programs are flexible in order to meet the needs of the various communities we serve.
  • HCA programs are interactive, allowing participants to learn and experience with body and all of the senses. While we cover broad and serious topics such as multicultural awareness and transculturation, we have a lot of fun along the way!


¡Viva La Zarzuela!:

exposes children to the variety of cultural expressions found in zarzuela – the musical theater tradition of Spain.

Danzas Hispaniolas:

offers an opportunity to bring two important Hispanic cultures together through Spanish and Mexican dances. Through movement and musical exploration, students will examine the contributions each culture brings to their own music and dance.

A Trio of Latina Portraits:

Three Latin women portrayed in important paintings from the collection of Hispanic Society of America Museum & Library are brought to life through song, dance and narration: “La Duquesa de Alba,” from Spain, “María Catalina de Urrutia,” from Puerto Rico and “De Mestizo y de India produce Coyote” from Mexico.

I, Juan de Pareja:

I, Juan de Pareja brings to life the story behind the painting by Spanish Golden Age artist Diego Velázquez, currently part of the MET collection, but of which the finest copy “Juan de Pareja” is at Hispanic Society of America Museum & Library. Using narrative, 16th century Spanish dance, theatre and song, students explore history, culture and politics thru the eyes of Juan de Pareja: slave, personal assistant and very likely master apprentice to one of western arts’ greatest painters.


  • “I’ve seen kids change completely after being in musicals. Their confidence goes up, their behavior gets better!” Erin Young, Music Specialist at PS 8 Manhattan.
  • “I like singing! I like singing because it is a part of me! I loved having all of my classmates [on stage] with me. It was fun!” Lizbeth Gonzalez, 4th grade, PS 8 Manhattan.
  • “As teaching artists, we are coming in and giving [kids] a taste of the kind of discipline they would be exposed to in the real world and that is very important!” Pablo Zinger, HCA teaching artist.
  • …Trio of Paintings… is unique, offering a one-of-a-kind experience to learn traditional Hispanic dance and song in conjunction with the history behind these works of art and their leading ladies. Anna Tonna and Anna de la Paz engage students, getting everyone out of their seats for a lively and dynamic class. Cristina Domenech, Coordinator of Education and Public Programs, Hispanic Society of America Library & Museum



Anna de La Paz
Spanish dance artist and teaching artist annadelapazspanishdance.com

Anna Tonna
Mezzo soprano and teaching artist annatonna.com